G’s Outfit

Gavin’s daily outfit consists of shorts, t-shirts, and cool running shoes. But not only is this his daily outfit, it is is yearly one as well. He will literally wear the same outfit everyday, rain or shine. I would not normally judge Gavin’s outfit the way I am right now, but it makes me laugh and he does not car so I will do it anyways.┬áHere is a break down of Gavin’s outfit.

First off his shorts can be way too long sometimes. They will go way past his knees, showing only a little bit of his legs. Plus his socks are way too high up half the time so there is literally no skin showing! Thankfully, Gavin has some what stopped pulling his socks up too high, but the shorts are still a problem. And I do not know who to blame, my mom for buying them or Gavin for not caring.

Next is Gavin’s t-shirts. There actually is not anything wrong with the look of the t-shirts, he them from me when I was younger so of course they look good. But then you take a step closer, and closer, and then a little bit closer till it hits you… that smell. The smell that you know Gavin has worn this shirt more than once, maybe three times, through out the week. And it is a really bad smell, really bad. I can not stand it so I will yell at him to take a shower, but he will ignore me and take it as a joke. Then I usually beat him up and knock some sense into him so he will finally take a shower.

Last but not least are the shoes. This is the only part of Gavin’s style that he likes to switch up. On week days it his normal running shoes and on weekends it is sandals. With Gavin’s weekend outfit he also likes to mix in a hat every now and then making him look a lot like his dad during the weekends.

Overall, I do not think Gavin cares that much about what he wears because he knows he looks good in whatever. I hope though that he will start to care soon though because I can not handle smelling one more stinky shirt.