A Second Home

Gavin currently lives in Santa Barbara, California. But when he is not in SB he is in SV or better known as Sun Valley, Idaho. Gavin and his family try to go to Sun Valley twice a year for two weeks in the summer and a week or two in the winter. And Gavin loves going to SV at both times of the year.

Gavin likes the winter because of the snow, especially the epic snowball fights we have. There is a hill outside our condo in SV that is always piled with snow. Gavin, along with some other kids from the neighborhood, Allie, and myself, will have snowball fights that last from lunch until dinner. Even though Gavin is not the best snowball thrower he is always wearing at least 4 layers so he can’t feel any of the ice blocks being chucked towards him going at 30 miles per hour. One thing Gavin doesn’t really like about winter in SV is the skiing. Our whole family skis and we are all pretty good at it and like it, but Gavin despises it. He just does not like anything about it. It is hard to get used to skiing, but Gavin will eventually have to learn how to ski because my dad will probably force him too.

Summer in Sun Valley Gavin loves as well. Since SV is such a small town everyone bikes, so a few years ago Gavin learned how to ride a bike around our neighborhood. It was such an exciting moment for him and you could see it on his bright smile. Now Gavin can keep up with us where ever we go. During summer time in SV we do a lot of activities, which means a lot of biking. So after only an hour and a half but what feels like eight hours to Gavin, a grumpy and mean Gavin will emerge. And as I have said before, nobody likes a grumpy/mean Gavin. So a lot of cookies, toys and small breaks by benches will be taken when bike riding with Gavin.Sun Valley is one of those places that Gavin will always remember no matter what. So many memories have come from there for him. Right now he doesn’t realize how lucky he is to have a second home like Sun Valley, but I hope one day he will and never takes it for granted in the future.