A Weekend Full of Spectating and Play

Over the weekend the Murphy family went down to Los Angeles for my basketball tournament. Usually this is hard for families to commit too but not for us because we have very good friends that live in LA so we get to visit them. We stay at our friends, the Garrets, nice house and invite our other friends the Goodes, Von Hemerts and Pistones over usually. Although this time we had a party at the Von Hemert’s fun house.

Gavin is one of the youngest kids in the group, but everyone loves him and wants to be around him all the time. At the Von Hemerts Gavin had so much fun in their pool. He got to play pool basketball but got crushed by his best bud Roane Goode. After an exhausting play in the Von Hemert’s pool Gavin comes out for a feast. But being the picky kid he is, Gavin only ate a hot dog and some chicken. Later Gavin got to meet one of the four Von Hemert turtles that just roam around their house. Gavin thought this was super cool! He also got to meet their bearded dragon and hold it.   

But the next day Gavin had to watch my basketball games and my sister’s, Allie, dance performance at Disneyland. Gavin finds watching my basketball games very boring. He likes to sit the furthest away from everyone on the bleachers with just him and his ipad. Just as my mom says “Gavin Murphy, table for one”. People like it though because when it gets quiet while someone is shooting free throws you can hear Gavin’s game and it makes them laugh. Gavin is so oblivious of what happened during the game that he asks if I won or not and says I had a good game even though he didn’t look up once to see what was going on. After watching two of my games on sunday Gavin goes to Disneyland to watch Allie perform a quick routine which he found more appealing because of all the music and cool imagery.

After a long car ride home filled with traffic, naps and ipad games Gavin is pleased to be at home once again. He greets his toys and plays with them for the rest of the night while using his out of this world imagination. All in all Gavin had a great weekend. He hopes you did too.