More than just a Hobby

   Gavin is known in the family for being the best Lego builder ever, for such a young age. Everyone thought I was the champion Lego builder when I was young. Although Gavin slowly crept up the ranks with every new Lego he built. And now there is no doubt about it and I have to agree that Gavin is now a better Lego builder than I ever was.

Last night my dad came home from his boys trip up in Sun Valley, Idaho where we have a house and brought back a present for Gavin. Of course it was a Lego. And it was Gavin’s favorite too, Star Wars. It was a 223 piece Lego that may be a bit small but it had a lot of challenging pieces to it, but this set was no match for Gavin. My dad said with astonishment that he finished it in less than 30 minutes!

Gavin enjoys playing and building his Legos. And we like it too because it is the only time when Gavin is in the “zone”. I like to say Gavin is in the “zone” because he is so quiet and focused, which is very unusual for Gavin. Normally we can’t get Gavin to stop yelling and asking questions that he already knows the answer to while sprinting around the house. When Gavin is building masterpieces or putting together unimaginable sequences of events in his head with his Legos it is a weird scene to see. It is almost funny because my family and I, as well as others that know Gavin, never see him so still. Even though Gavin is now a master builder, like in Gavin’s favorite move the Lego Movie, there has been a few instances where Gavin has needed help since he couldn’t figure out what the instructions pictures were showing or he can’t find a piece to the set but its always right in front of him.

When Gavin gets frustrated at things like this he wants to figure it out by himself. I admire that about Gavin but sometimes I just have to help because I can’t stand the ear bleeding scream he gives out while doing it. Gavin is a persistent little man when it comes to things that he loves to do and I think we can all learn something from that.