Moving On

Sadly, this is going to be my last blog post for a while. Summer is coming up, school is ending, and Gavin and I have busy times ahead of us. Hopefully I may revisit my blog in the future to do some catch up posts on Gavin, but other wise this is the end.

Gavin has enjoyed helping me do my blogs and being the star character, especially in one of my favorite blogs “Sports-Not Really a G Thing”. Over the course of my blog Gavin and I have had some prime bonding experiences and I am thankful for that. I am always so busy with sports, school, and friends that is hard for me to have brother moments with Gavin. This blog has really made a difference to Gavin and I, and I hope you guys have enjoyed reading it. Overtime I have gained a lot more readers than I thought I ever would, which makes my blog look really good in class, and shows how many people love Gavin. 

It brings joy to me to know that many people love Gavin for who he is, no matter what his flaws are. Gavin needs all the support he can get as he goes through life, and I hope this blog in the future will help him. I chose to do my blog on Gavin so he can look back when he is much older and see how loved, funny, and inspiring he is. Gavin makes me laugh everyday and I just love spending time with him even in the most boring moments, he still finds a way to make me grin whether he tries to or not. 

Blogging has been an awesome experience for me and I hope Gavin joins the MAD Academy too when he is in high school so he can blog sophomore year as I did. Again, thank you readers for all the support, feedback, and funny comments (Lisa). It has been a wild ride for me and Gavin this year and the ride will continue. I hope everyone has a great summer and maybe has the chance to see the man himself over the break, Gavin Murphy!


Netflix and Crystals

Gavin and I had a very eventful wednesday this week. We both had a very fun time because it is rare that we both spend time with just each other on week days since I am always so busy.

First I came home from basketball around 3:30 to see Gavin starting his homework. I decided to do the same so we could have time to watch our favorite show together, Lost. Lost is, in Gavin’s as well as my opinion, the best show ever. There is nothing you can not like about Lost, it has the aspects of any great show. It is also age appropriate for Gavin so that makes it even better. Anyways some crazy stuff has been happening in Lost and me and Gavin are loosing are minds. Every time something super unexpected happens me and Gavin give a funny smirk to each other and then laugh every time. What I enjoy the most about watching Lost with Gavin is how much he understands it. The show is really hard to follow and normally Gavin would ask questions every time a character did something, but while he watches Lost he tries his best to figure it out on his own. 

After this Grandma came home from her trip and brought back presents, the presents were a bunch of precious metals. Some of them were not that cool and kind of boring, but Gavin got a really big rock that we got to crack open. When we smashed it open with a sledge hammer it was filled with crystals. Real or fake, it was still awesome. Although the whole time we were doing this i was the one breaking the rock while Gavin was in the dirt pounding the ground with another hammer. He found this more interesting than a rock made of crystals… typical Gavin. Eventually Gavin started to find the rocks useful to play with his toys. He can not set up pretty cool scenes with them and film with his guys.

I wish I could do this more often with Gavin because we always have such a great time.  

Car Rides with G

Recently I got my license and car. My whole family loves the new truck because we have never had one, especially Gavin. I drove around the block once with Gavin and even though it was not for that long, we still had a blast because Gavin does some of the funniest things in the car.

Normally when Gavin is in the car he will be quiet cause it has been a long day for him, but sometimes he is a party animal. Gavin will be sitting in the back not saying a word. Then when a song he really likes comes on, like maybe Firework by Katy Perry, Gavin will do two things that are very distracting to the driver but super funny. He will jump over people to get to the front, and then turn up the volume by turning the nob on the stereo system until it reaches the highest volume it can go. I laugh every time because the act is so surprising and I never see it coming.

Gavin also sings in the car too. However when he sings it is very quiet, so you can not make it noticeable that you are listening or watching him. Gavin gets embarrassed really easy when he sees people watching him sing. So everybody in the car just acts as if we can not hear him even though we are really listening closely. Sometimes my sister, Ally and I can not help but laugh because it is just too funny.

The best of Gavin in the car is his dance moves. Whenever the whole car is just dancing and singing Gavin has got to join, at least on the dancing part. And Gavin dancing is quite the scene. He is not a good dancer but he makes it work. He just busts out really uncoordinated and offbeat dance moves, yet the still work in a way because they fit his style.

Gavin continues to make me laugh by doing the most random things in the back of the car and is the best passenger ever. I can not wait to be able to actually drive him around.

G’s Outfit

Gavin’s daily outfit consists of shorts, t-shirts, and cool running shoes. But not only is this his daily outfit, it is is yearly one as well. He will literally wear the same outfit everyday, rain or shine. I would not normally judge Gavin’s outfit the way I am right now, but it makes me laugh and he does not car so I will do it anyways. Here is a break down of Gavin’s outfit.

First off his shorts can be way too long sometimes. They will go way past his knees, showing only a little bit of his legs. Plus his socks are way too high up half the time so there is literally no skin showing! Thankfully, Gavin has some what stopped pulling his socks up too high, but the shorts are still a problem. And I do not know who to blame, my mom for buying them or Gavin for not caring.

Next is Gavin’s t-shirts. There actually is not anything wrong with the look of the t-shirts, he them from me when I was younger so of course they look good. But then you take a step closer, and closer, and then a little bit closer till it hits you… that smell. The smell that you know Gavin has worn this shirt more than once, maybe three times, through out the week. And it is a really bad smell, really bad. I can not stand it so I will yell at him to take a shower, but he will ignore me and take it as a joke. Then I usually beat him up and knock some sense into him so he will finally take a shower.

Last but not least are the shoes. This is the only part of Gavin’s style that he likes to switch up. On week days it his normal running shoes and on weekends it is sandals. With Gavin’s weekend outfit he also likes to mix in a hat every now and then making him look a lot like his dad during the weekends.

Overall, I do not think Gavin cares that much about what he wears because he knows he looks good in whatever. I hope though that he will start to care soon though because I can not handle smelling one more stinky shirt.


Gavin, Table for One

As I have mentioned before, Gavin has such a creative mind and it really makes up for his logical mind in school which he struggles with. My mom likes to say “Gavin Murphy, table for one” because Gavin is always submerged in his own world.

Gavin is always putting together master pieces of situations that he can have his toys go through. Watching and listening to Gavin do this is funny because it doesn’t look like much. Just a crazy kid talking to his toys, but my family and myself know something amazing is happening according to Gavin. No one will ever know though.

Sometimes Gavin gets caught up in his world so easily that his awareness level is at 0, even
lower than that in certain situations. When ever the Murphy family decides to go to a big city, or anywhere with large groups of people, we must be prepared to deal with Gavin. For example, whenever we go to San Francisco one of us, usually me, has to hold Gavin’s hand for majority of the day. This is because Gavin is unable to watch where he is going. He gets to caught up in looking around or asking me some random question that he doesn’t see where he is going. And when he runs into someone it is always the other persons fault in Gavin’s eyes. Gavin will usually yell at them and the person will scurry away in fear and confusion on what just happened. My sister and I can’t help buy laugh while my parents feel embarrassed. To the couples that walk down the sidewalks holding hands you better move out of the way or break it up, because Gavin will plow right through you no matter what.

Gavin has a different way of thinking and it is always fun to see what his mind comes up with next. He keeps me and the family constantly on our toes not knowing what is to come. The ideas he comes up with for such a young age and knowing such little knowledge is amazing. I am excited to see what the future holds for him.









A Boy and His ipad

Gavin’s favorite thing to do whenever he has the time is to play on his ipad. The ipad that our family has is an ipad 2, I think and this is the one that Gavin uses all the time so basically it is his now.


Gavin lives off his ipad. He brings it everywhere and does almost anything with it.  He eats while playing games on it, plays with his toys and plays on the ipad, he even watches TV and plays on the ipad at the same time which is just unnecessary. Sometimes Gavin will want to watch a childish movie with him in the comfort of our home, but as soon as it starts he starts playing the ipad. I yell at him and say “Gavin I don’t want to watch this unless you are watching it with me.” Gavin yells back with anger saying “I am watching it, and I am playing on the ipad.” We will go back and fourth yelling at each other trying to have the other do what we want them to, but I always win because he knows I can whoop him.


Like all little kids, when they are addicted to something it can become annoying for others. Gavin is addicted to the ipad and will never get off of it unless he feels like he has played on it for long enough. If my family or I even speak to him while he is on the ipad he will say “Stop interrupting me!” and then mumble some naughty words under his breath that he thinks we can’t hear, yet we hear him loud and clear. When on the ipad Gavin will turn it up to the highest volume and sometimes put it up to his ear. I tell him this will make his ear blowup but he doesn’t care, he’s Gavin. So the whole house has to listen to his to the weird and awfully painful sounds the videos and games Gavin plays throughout the day. And since the ipad is an ipad 2 everything is out of date. So all the cool games that are coming out Gavin can download but it is very ‘glitchy’ (Gavin’s favorite word to use when talking about the ipad). This causes Gavin to scream, wail, cry, punch, and just throw an all our tantrum. It is funny to seem him like this but after 3 times in one day you will want to throw a tantrum yourself. My dad does almost every time.


Besides the downsides that come with Gavin and his ipad, Gavin actually learns a lot from the internet on the ipad. He watches a lot of informative videos about Earth, animals, countries, etc. Too much electronics are bad for Gavin, but every now and then he learns something new that he will remember for a long time and be able to use it in school.



Animal Genius and Future Zoologist

Like all little kids, Gavin has had a love and curiosity for any animal that comes across his path. But Gavin took it to a whole new level. Not only does Gavin know of every animal that ever lived, at least that is what it seems like, but he knows of every type of that animal and almost everything about it.

Probably Gavin’s favorite thing to do is go to museums, zoos, the local sea center or anything else that has to do with animals. He gathers information about animals like a sponge, remembers every animal he has seen and is always asking for more about each animal making it impossible for me to keep up with him. Gavin has taught me and the rest of the family more about animals than school ever will. Sometimes he will start talking about a time where me and him saw a certain animal and I will have no idea what he is talking about because we were just talking about his time at school. This happens very often too, his mind will just daydream in the middle of a conversation. I get mad at him sometimes but he doesn’t understand so I just laugh.img_2144Besides the knowledge Gavin has of animals he cares for them too. He is always looking out for our 2 cats Romeo(grey cat) and Buster(blonde cat) at home. They are house cats so they are not allowed to go outside and he is so good at making sure they don’t.fullsizerender-2

Gavin is also for caring and curious for stranger’s animals. He went through a phase where he had to pet every single person’s dog on the street while asking what the dog’s name was, and do you know how many people walk their dog in Santa Barbara!? So many! Thankfully Gavin quickly stopped doing that because we got no where around town.

Usually, Gavin is not the smartest kid in the class but when anything about animals is brought up Gavin knows more than any of his classmates. He even sometimes knows more about an animal than the people that work at the museums. It is super funny to watch him teach the person that is suppose to be teaching us about an animal. I hope Gavin finds something that he loves to do, when he is older, with animals. He’d make the best zoologist ever and would have fun doing it too.