Sports – Not Really a G Thing

Sports are not a strong suit for Gavin. He enjoys playing them but he is far from the best.







Gavin is always encouraged to try new sports. Gavin has learned how to play basketball, football, hockey, soccer, etc. He knows how to play all of these sports but he is not that athletic. As a matter of fact he is very uncoordinated too. Watching him run and try to catch a ball is funny. He catches the ball like and alligator closes his mouth. It is probably the worst way to catch a ball that I have ever seen.

Even though Gavin is bad at sports he is hard to catch. He loves the adrenaline rush of people chasing him, so obviously Gavin’s favorite game is tag. Although he does not like to be “it”, so if you tag him you are still “it”.

As a said before Gavin is not that coordinated. His body is pretty built for a 9 year old, or is he 10? I forget. Anyways he is very strong but his legs don’t seem to work in unison with his upper body. Nor do his arms seems to work with the rest of his body. Basically what you see when Gavin is running is a bunch of body parts flaring all over the place.

What really surprises my family and I about Gavin is how strong he is. He easily beats up my younger sister, Allie, but that’s not that impressive. Gavin has his moments when he is wrestling my dad or me. Sometimes Gavin front kicks me in the face when I get him pinned down so he usually beats me that way. Maybe Gavin should try boxing.







Gavin was really good at karate. He was a orange belt and was getting super good with every day he practiced. Right now Gavin is taking a break from karate because he is focusing on school. Gavin is also a pro trampoliner. Yes that’s a thing… in Gavin’s universe. Gavin is proud of the way and height he gets on the trampoline in our backyard. He continuously jumps on it seeing how high he can go. He hopes he can reach the sky and aim for the stars as we all should.




More than just a Hobby

   Gavin is known in the family for being the best Lego builder ever, for such a young age. Everyone thought I was the champion Lego builder when I was young. Although Gavin slowly crept up the ranks with every new Lego he built. And now there is no doubt about it and I have to agree that Gavin is now a better Lego builder than I ever was.

Last night my dad came home from his boys trip up in Sun Valley, Idaho where we have a house and brought back a present for Gavin. Of course it was a Lego. And it was Gavin’s favorite too, Star Wars. It was a 223 piece Lego that may be a bit small but it had a lot of challenging pieces to it, but this set was no match for Gavin. My dad said with astonishment that he finished it in less than 30 minutes!

Gavin enjoys playing and building his Legos. And we like it too because it is the only time when Gavin is in the “zone”. I like to say Gavin is in the “zone” because he is so quiet and focused, which is very unusual for Gavin. Normally we can’t get Gavin to stop yelling and asking questions that he already knows the answer to while sprinting around the house. When Gavin is building masterpieces or putting together unimaginable sequences of events in his head with his Legos it is a weird scene to see. It is almost funny because my family and I, as well as others that know Gavin, never see him so still. Even though Gavin is now a master builder, like in Gavin’s favorite move the Lego Movie, there has been a few instances where Gavin has needed help since he couldn’t figure out what the instructions pictures were showing or he can’t find a piece to the set but its always right in front of him.

When Gavin gets frustrated at things like this he wants to figure it out by himself. I admire that about Gavin but sometimes I just have to help because I can’t stand the ear bleeding scream he gives out while doing it. Gavin is a persistent little man when it comes to things that he loves to do and I think we can all learn something from that.



Animal Genius and Future Zoologist

Like all little kids, Gavin has had a love and curiosity for any animal that comes across his path. But Gavin took it to a whole new level. Not only does Gavin know of every animal that ever lived, at least that is what it seems like, but he knows of every type of that animal and almost everything about it.

Probably Gavin’s favorite thing to do is go to museums, zoos, the local sea center or anything else that has to do with animals. He gathers information about animals like a sponge, remembers every animal he has seen and is always asking for more about each animal making it impossible for me to keep up with him. Gavin has taught me and the rest of the family more about animals than school ever will. Sometimes he will start talking about a time where me and him saw a certain animal and I will have no idea what he is talking about because we were just talking about his time at school. This happens very often too, his mind will just daydream in the middle of a conversation. I get mad at him sometimes but he doesn’t understand so I just laugh.img_2144Besides the knowledge Gavin has of animals he cares for them too. He is always looking out for our 2 cats Romeo(grey cat) and Buster(blonde cat) at home. They are house cats so they are not allowed to go outside and he is so good at making sure they don’t.fullsizerender-2

Gavin is also for caring and curious for stranger’s animals. He went through a phase where he had to pet every single person’s dog on the street while asking what the dog’s name was, and do you know how many people walk their dog in Santa Barbara!? So many! Thankfully Gavin quickly stopped doing that because we got no where around town.

Usually, Gavin is not the smartest kid in the class but when anything about animals is brought up Gavin knows more than any of his classmates. He even sometimes knows more about an animal than the people that work at the museums. It is super funny to watch him teach the person that is suppose to be teaching us about an animal. I hope Gavin finds something that he loves to do, when he is older, with animals. He’d make the best zoologist ever and would have fun doing it too.

Gavin’s Rainy Days

Over the four day weekend Santa Barbara got more rain than I’ve ever seen in my life, same with Gavin. So how did Gavin spend the four day weekend? Well, he mainly annoyed the Murphy household. Because of the flooded streets and crazy rainstorms Gavin was limited to  only doing things inside. For some reason Gavin has to do everything inside as loud as he can, at least that’s what it seems.


Gavin’s basic rainy day routine is waking up at 6:30 in the morning chattering away to himselfthen running down the hall and slamming doors. By the way Gavin is already dressed and ready to go this early in the morning which is weird, right? He doesn’t like to relax in his Lego Nexo Night pajamas! Anyways, as he realizes that he is the only one awake and goes to his small little area (far away and isolated from the rest of the house) and sees that his breakfast is not in front of him. So he comes into my room, always at the same time about 6:45, and wakes me up trying to whisper but not a quite one a loud one and says “Ryan wake up my breakfast isn’t ready.” I’ve tried everything to get him to go away even playing dead with my tongue out, but I rarely do that anymore because the first time I played dead Gavin tried to give me CPR and kissed me. The second time he figured out that I was pretending so he started punching me, and he’s pretty strong for a fourth grader. Now I just wake up and make him breakfast to avoid being awkwardly kissed by my brother or getting beaten up at the crack of dawn.img_1929


The signature breakfast that everyone must make for Gavin is two toasted, buttered pieces of cinnamon raisin bread with either blueberries, raspberries, blackberries or I guess any other fruit and a glass of water. Gavin has probably been eating this breakfast meal every morning since kindergarten, and we can’t get him to try something different. If we do try it usually messes his whole day up which leads to a grumpy Gavin that nobody can control.


Finally, Gavin has his breakfast. Usually Gavin will eat while playing on the ipad making a disgusting mess all over the ipad, which is why none of us use that ipad anymore.img_1923 After Gavin’s day is full of hours on top of hours going on exciting adventures with his toys and amazing imagination,img_1925 playing Roblox or some other fake Minecraft game on the ipad because he isn’t allowed to play the real Minecraft game since it will “turn his brain to mush”, watching animal planet, or filming himself playing with his toys.



Gavin was pleased to wake up the next morning and see the blue skies and sun. He walked outside and saw that our creek in the front water was flowing peacefully with water.img_1917







Gavin hopes that you had a relaxing and enjoyable rainy day weekend too.

Weekend at the Q’s

Over the weekend a very exciting moment happened to Gavin. The Lego Batman Movie came out! Gavin has been waiting for this moment since he saw the first trailer on YouTube, which is also where Gavin learns all of his bad words and inappropriate sayings. It’s weird to think about all the information YouTube and the internet can expose the younger generation too. Because   now Gavin wants to curse at me while kicking me in my ‘nuts’. Thanks YouTube!


img_1896Gavin outside the movie theatre in front of a poster for the new Power Rangers movie, he is probably going to see this movie too.


Anyways, Gavin saw the Lego Batman Movie at his aunt and uncle’s house. Joe and Monica
Quintana (Monica pictured with gavin below) are the best family members. They are so supportive of me and love Gavin so much that they come up almost every weekend even though they live all the way out in Oxnard by the Collection. Gimg_1911avin always looks forward to sleeping over at Monica and Joe’s house because he has no limits there. He is spoiled there by being able to play as many video games as he wants, play with his toys as long as he wants, stay up as late as he wants, and eat as much as he
wants. Although he doesn’t over feed himself as much as he used to since one time my auntie was joking and said, “Gavin if you eat any more food your stomach is going to explode!” Gavin was too young to understand that she was joking but he is permanently scared and never, ever eats too much food…. poor Gav. If his stomach hurts too much he will blame it on his stomach and say bad words towards his stomach, it is super funny watching him yell at his stomach in the middle of a restaurant. Then he will curl up in a ball on his chair with his butt sticking out. From here either his chair will tip over and he will fall, which is super funny for me and my sister, or my sister and I will have to pull him out of the ball he is in which I bet is funny to the people at the restaurant.

Overall, the Lego Batman Movie Gavin thought was a success. “It was so cool! I wish I could have all the Lego’s that were in the movie.” Even though he already has half of the Lego sets used in the movie. After the movie Gavin saw a Lego Batman t-shirt that he had to have. He will probably now wear the shirt 3 days in a row as he does with all new t-shirts. Gavin loved his weekend with the Q’s and remembered that the best/most memorable moments are spent with your family.

Meet the Man Himself

Gavin Murphy. He is 10 years old, a 4th grader at Montecito Union School, and my little brother. Gavin has mild autism, but he is so cool you wouldn’t even notice. Although, autism makes school challenging for Gavin sometimes. Normally he doesn’t want to do his classwork or homework. img_1886I don’t blame him, all you want to do at 10 years old is play with toys and video games. But if Gavin doesn’t do his work he gets no “fun time” as his helper Mr. Gomez calls it. Gavin struggles with the same things we do, if we don’t do our work we won’t be able to have any “fun time”, and who doesn’t like fun time? Through this blog my plan is to write about my brother’s life. I’ve surprisingly learned things about life from a 10-year-old and I hope you can too. Gavin does things that can teach us how to work through life and what not to do during life. Gavin has so many funny stories that happen to him everyday and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. So let me tell you about last week.


As you most likely know the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl on Sunday. I watched the whole game from blowout to probably the most exciting Super Bowl in history, but Gavin started watching late because he was to busy filming himself playing with his Lego Nexo Night Toys while in his Lego Nexo Night pajamas (wearing in picture below).fullsizerender Gavin’s favorite football team is the Green Bay Packers, which you need to know. The only reason why he likes the team is because their logo is a big “G”, like Gavin. Anyways, Gavin was furious when he realized that his team was not playing for the championship because Gavin does not accept anything but W’s. There were a few punches and kicks thrown, but kids always run out of energy. Once Gavin was tired of throwing his Packer tantrum he was able to enjoy the game and root for his dads team, the New England Patriots. Gavin celebrated the Patriot win and, without even knowing it, learned how to overcome things when they are not going your way which we can all work on.

I put together a list of Gavin’s favorites so you can get to know him better.

Gavin’s Favorite: 
Movie- The Lego Movie

Toy- Stick Bot

Animal- Every animal

Star Wars Character- Mace Windu

Video Game- Mine Craft

Color- Blue

Activity- Swimming and playing in the ocean or pool

Subject in school- Recessimg_1882