Moving On

Sadly, this is going to be my last blog post for a while. Summer is coming up, school is ending, and Gavin and I have busy times ahead of us. Hopefully I may revisit my blog in the future to do some catch up posts on Gavin, but other wise this is the end.

Gavin has enjoyed helping me do my blogs and being the star character, especially in one of my favorite blogs “Sports-Not Really a G Thing”. Over the course of my blog Gavin and I have had some prime bonding experiences and I am thankful for that. I am always so busy with sports, school, and friends that is hard for me to have brother moments with Gavin. This blog has really made a difference to Gavin and I, and I hope you guys have enjoyed reading it. Overtime I have gained a lot more readers than I thought I ever would, which makes my blog look really good in class, and shows how many people love Gavin. 

It brings joy to me to know that many people love Gavin for who he is, no matter what his flaws are. Gavin needs all the support he can get as he goes through life, and I hope this blog in the future will help him. I chose to do my blog on Gavin so he can look back when he is much older and see how loved, funny, and inspiring he is. Gavin makes me laugh everyday and I just love spending time with him even in the most boring moments, he still finds a way to make me grin whether he tries to or not. 

Blogging has been an awesome experience for me and I hope Gavin joins the MAD Academy too when he is in high school so he can blog sophomore year as I did. Again, thank you readers for all the support, feedback, and funny comments (Lisa). It has been a wild ride for me and Gavin this year and the ride will continue. I hope everyone has a great summer and maybe has the chance to see the man himself over the break, Gavin Murphy!


2 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. Looky there! Mama got a shout out 😊Ryan – please don’t stop blogging about the G-Dog …I love reading your posts ♥️


  2. I really enjoyed your blog and all that you shared about your life with Gavin. I hope you will return to it now and then and post updates. Just a note: those first two pictures in this post, I took them. 🙂 Gerry (Mr. Gomez)


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