Netflix and Crystals

Gavin and I had a very eventful wednesday this week. We both had a very fun time because it is rare that we both spend time with just each other on week days since I am always so busy.

First I came home from basketball around 3:30 to see Gavin starting his homework. I decided to do the same so we could have time to watch our favorite show together, Lost. Lost is, in Gavin’s as well as my opinion, the best show ever. There is nothing you can not like about Lost, it has the aspects of any great show. It is also age appropriate for Gavin so that makes it even better. Anyways some crazy stuff has been happening in Lost and me and Gavin are loosing are minds. Every time something super unexpected happens me and Gavin give a funny smirk to each other and then laugh every time. What I enjoy the most about watching Lost with Gavin is how much he understands it. The show is really hard to follow and normally Gavin would ask questions every time a character did something, but while he watches Lost he tries his best to figure it out on his own. 

After this Grandma came home from her trip and brought back presents, the presents were a bunch of precious metals. Some of them were not that cool and kind of boring, but Gavin got a really big rock that we got to crack open. When we smashed it open with a sledge hammer it was filled with crystals. Real or fake, it was still awesome. Although the whole time we were doing this i was the one breaking the rock while Gavin was in the dirt pounding the ground with another hammer. He found this more interesting than a rock made of crystals… typical Gavin. Eventually Gavin started to find the rocks useful to play with his toys. He can not set up pretty cool scenes with them and film with his guys.

I wish I could do this more often with Gavin because we always have such a great time.  


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