Car Rides with G

Recently I got my license and car. My whole family loves the new truck because we have never had one, especially Gavin. I drove around the block once with Gavin and even though it was not for that long, we still had a blast because Gavin does some of the funniest things in the car.

Normally when Gavin is in the car he will be quiet cause it has been a long day for him, but sometimes he is a party animal. Gavin will be sitting in the back not saying a word. Then when a song he really likes comes on, like maybe Firework by Katy Perry, Gavin will do two things that are very distracting to the driver but super funny. He will jump over people to get to the front, and then turn up the volume by turning the nob on the stereo system until it reaches the highest volume it can go. I laugh every time because the act is so surprising and I never see it coming.

Gavin also sings in the car too. However when he sings it is very quiet, so you can not make it noticeable that you are listening or watching him. Gavin gets embarrassed really easy when he sees people watching him sing. So everybody in the car just acts as if we can not hear him even though we are really listening closely. Sometimes my sister, Ally and I can not help but laugh because it is just too funny.

The best of Gavin in the car is his dance moves. Whenever the whole car is just dancing and singing Gavin has got to join, at least on the dancing part. And Gavin dancing is quite the scene. He is not a good dancer but he makes it work. He just busts out really uncoordinated and offbeat dance moves, yet the still work in a way because they fit his style.

Gavin continues to make me laugh by doing the most random things in the back of the car and is the best passenger ever. I can not wait to be able to actually drive him around.


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