Easter Sunday

Holidays are a big deal for Gavin, especially Easter. He enjoys everything from the candy in his basket to the easter movies we watch.

Typically, on Easter Sunday Gavin wakes the whole family up at the crack of dawn, but this Easter we were lucky. Gavin let us sleep in until 8 in the morning. Then he went stomping around the house waking us up. To start off Easter Gavin always runs out the front door to the rose garden to find his Easter basket that the Easter bunny has hidden. Once he finds it, all of the toys and candy that are placed in a perfect arrangement are quickly ripped open to pieces. Although, Gavin is not violent when doing this he is very careful and focused to not mess up anything. I think it is pretty funny.

After this Gavin will go back into the house and eat of some of his candy for breakfast with his real breakfast. Normally its toast with butter but this year he tried some of our Grandma’s special Monkey Bread. If you don’t know what Monkey Bread is I highly recommend looking it up and trying it. When everyone is done eating their breakfast, Gavin is always the first to, we head towards the front yard for the Easter egg hunt. Even though there is only 3 people competing for 55 eggs, things can get pretty intense. And the Easter bunny was very clever this year with his hiding places for the eggs. Many were high in trees in hard to get places and unthinkable places for eggs to be found. In the end Gavin came away with the most eggs but barely. Gavin had 29, Allie had 22 and I only had 4.At the end of Easter Sunday Gavin likes to play with his small toys he got in his basket, eat a bunch of candy, and watch Easter movies. His favorite Easter movie is Hop so we had to watch that.

Gavin also had fun with his friends, Marco and Leo. They had an Easter egg hunt the day before Easter. They always make each other laugh and I had really good time Saturday. Gavin hopes that you had a Happy Easter too filled with joy and candy!


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