Gavin, Table for One

As I have mentioned before, Gavin has such a creative mind and it really makes up for his logical mind in school which he struggles with. My mom likes to say “Gavin Murphy, table for one” because Gavin is always submerged in his own world.

Gavin is always putting together master pieces of situations that he can have his toys go through. Watching and listening to Gavin do this is funny because it doesn’t look like much. Just a crazy kid talking to his toys, but my family and myself know something amazing is happening according to Gavin. No one will ever know though.

Sometimes Gavin gets caught up in his world so easily that his awareness level is at 0, even
lower than that in certain situations. When ever the Murphy family decides to go to a big city, or anywhere with large groups of people, we must be prepared to deal with Gavin. For example, whenever we go to San Francisco one of us, usually me, has to hold Gavin’s hand for majority of the day. This is because Gavin is unable to watch where he is going. He gets to caught up in looking around or asking me some random question that he doesn’t see where he is going. And when he runs into someone it is always the other persons fault in Gavin’s eyes. Gavin will usually yell at them and the person will scurry away in fear and confusion on what just happened. My sister and I can’t help buy laugh while my parents feel embarrassed. To the couples that walk down the sidewalks holding hands you better move out of the way or break it up, because Gavin will plow right through you no matter what.

Gavin has a different way of thinking and it is always fun to see what his mind comes up with next. He keeps me and the family constantly on our toes not knowing what is to come. The ideas he comes up with for such a young age and knowing such little knowledge is amazing. I am excited to see what the future holds for him.










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