A Boy and His ipad

Gavin’s favorite thing to do whenever he has the time is to play on his ipad. The ipad that our family has is an ipad 2, I think and this is the one that Gavin uses all the time so basically it is his now.


Gavin lives off his ipad. He brings it everywhere and does almost anything with it.  He eats while playing games on it, plays with his toys and plays on the ipad, he even watches TV and plays on the ipad at the same time which is just unnecessary. Sometimes Gavin will want to watch a childish movie with him in the comfort of our home, but as soon as it starts he starts playing the ipad. I yell at him and say “Gavin I don’t want to watch this unless you are watching it with me.” Gavin yells back with anger saying “I am watching it, and I am playing on the ipad.” We will go back and fourth yelling at each other trying to have the other do what we want them to, but I always win because he knows I can whoop him.


Like all little kids, when they are addicted to something it can become annoying for others. Gavin is addicted to the ipad and will never get off of it unless he feels like he has played on it for long enough. If my family or I even speak to him while he is on the ipad he will say “Stop interrupting me!” and then mumble some naughty words under his breath that he thinks we can’t hear, yet we hear him loud and clear. When on the ipad Gavin will turn it up to the highest volume and sometimes put it up to his ear. I tell him this will make his ear blowup but he doesn’t care, he’s Gavin. So the whole house has to listen to his to the weird and awfully painful sounds the videos and games Gavin plays throughout the day. And since the ipad is an ipad 2 everything is out of date. So all the cool games that are coming out Gavin can download but it is very ‘glitchy’ (Gavin’s favorite word to use when talking about the ipad). This causes Gavin to scream, wail, cry, punch, and just throw an all our tantrum. It is funny to seem him like this but after 3 times in one day you will want to throw a tantrum yourself. My dad does almost every time.


Besides the downsides that come with Gavin and his ipad, Gavin actually learns a lot from the internet on the ipad. He watches a lot of informative videos about Earth, animals, countries, etc. Too much electronics are bad for Gavin, but every now and then he learns something new that he will remember for a long time and be able to use it in school.




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