Sports – Not Really a G Thing

Sports are not a strong suit for Gavin. He enjoys playing them but he is far from the best.







Gavin is always encouraged to try new sports. Gavin has learned how to play basketball, football, hockey, soccer, etc. He knows how to play all of these sports but he is not that athletic. As a matter of fact he is very uncoordinated too. Watching him run and try to catch a ball is funny. He catches the ball like and alligator closes his mouth. It is probably the worst way to catch a ball that I have ever seen.

Even though Gavin is bad at sports he is hard to catch. He loves the adrenaline rush of people chasing him, so obviously Gavin’s favorite game is tag. Although he does not like to be “it”, so if you tag him you are still “it”.

As a said before Gavin is not that coordinated. His body is pretty built for a 9 year old, or is he 10? I forget. Anyways he is very strong but his legs don’t seem to work in unison with his upper body. Nor do his arms seems to work with the rest of his body. Basically what you see when Gavin is running is a bunch of body parts flaring all over the place.

What really surprises my family and I about Gavin is how strong he is. He easily beats up my younger sister, Allie, but that’s not that impressive. Gavin has his moments when he is wrestling my dad or me. Sometimes Gavin front kicks me in the face when I get him pinned down so he usually beats me that way. Maybe Gavin should try boxing.







Gavin was really good at karate. He was a orange belt and was getting super good with every day he practiced. Right now Gavin is taking a break from karate because he is focusing on school. Gavin is also a pro trampoliner. Yes that’s a thing… in Gavin’s universe. Gavin is proud of the way and height he gets on the trampoline in our backyard. He continuously jumps on it seeing how high he can go. He hopes he can reach the sky and aim for the stars as we all should.




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