Animal Genius and Future Zoologist

Like all little kids, Gavin has had a love and curiosity for any animal that comes across his path. But Gavin took it to a whole new level. Not only does Gavin know of every animal that ever lived, at least that is what it seems like, but he knows of every type of that animal and almost everything about it.

Probably Gavin’s favorite thing to do is go to museums, zoos, the local sea center or anything else that has to do with animals. He gathers information about animals like a sponge, remembers every animal he has seen and is always asking for more about each animal making it impossible for me to keep up with him. Gavin has taught me and the rest of the family more about animals than school ever will. Sometimes he will start talking about a time where me and him saw a certain animal and I will have no idea what he is talking about because we were just talking about his time at school. This happens very often too, his mind will just daydream in the middle of a conversation. I get mad at him sometimes but he doesn’t understand so I just laugh.img_2144Besides the knowledge Gavin has of animals he cares for them too. He is always looking out for our 2 cats Romeo(grey cat) and Buster(blonde cat) at home. They are house cats so they are not allowed to go outside and he is so good at making sure they don’t.fullsizerender-2

Gavin is also for caring and curious for stranger’s animals. He went through a phase where he had to pet every single person’s dog on the street while asking what the dog’s name was, and do you know how many people walk their dog in Santa Barbara!? So many! Thankfully Gavin quickly stopped doing that because we got no where around town.

Usually, Gavin is not the smartest kid in the class but when anything about animals is brought up Gavin knows more than any of his classmates. He even sometimes knows more about an animal than the people that work at the museums. It is super funny to watch him teach the person that is suppose to be teaching us about an animal. I hope Gavin finds something that he loves to do, when he is older, with animals. He’d make the best zoologist ever and would have fun doing it too.


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