Gavin’s Rainy Days

Over the four day weekend Santa Barbara got more rain than I’ve ever seen in my life, same with Gavin. So how did Gavin spend the four day weekend? Well, he mainly annoyed the Murphy household. Because of the flooded streets and crazy rainstorms Gavin was limited to  only doing things inside. For some reason Gavin has to do everything inside as loud as he can, at least that’s what it seems.


Gavin’s basic rainy day routine is waking up at 6:30 in the morning chattering away to himselfthen running down the hall and slamming doors. By the way Gavin is already dressed and ready to go this early in the morning which is weird, right? He doesn’t like to relax in his Lego Nexo Night pajamas! Anyways, as he realizes that he is the only one awake and goes to his small little area (far away and isolated from the rest of the house) and sees that his breakfast is not in front of him. So he comes into my room, always at the same time about 6:45, and wakes me up trying to whisper but not a quite one a loud one and says “Ryan wake up my breakfast isn’t ready.” I’ve tried everything to get him to go away even playing dead with my tongue out, but I rarely do that anymore because the first time I played dead Gavin tried to give me CPR and kissed me. The second time he figured out that I was pretending so he started punching me, and he’s pretty strong for a fourth grader. Now I just wake up and make him breakfast to avoid being awkwardly kissed by my brother or getting beaten up at the crack of dawn.img_1929


The signature breakfast that everyone must make for Gavin is two toasted, buttered pieces of cinnamon raisin bread with either blueberries, raspberries, blackberries or I guess any other fruit and a glass of water. Gavin has probably been eating this breakfast meal every morning since kindergarten, and we can’t get him to try something different. If we do try it usually messes his whole day up which leads to a grumpy Gavin that nobody can control.


Finally, Gavin has his breakfast. Usually Gavin will eat while playing on the ipad making a disgusting mess all over the ipad, which is why none of us use that ipad anymore.img_1923 After Gavin’s day is full of hours on top of hours going on exciting adventures with his toys and amazing imagination,img_1925 playing Roblox or some other fake Minecraft game on the ipad because he isn’t allowed to play the real Minecraft game since it will “turn his brain to mush”, watching animal planet, or filming himself playing with his toys.



Gavin was pleased to wake up the next morning and see the blue skies and sun. He walked outside and saw that our creek in the front water was flowing peacefully with water.img_1917







Gavin hopes that you had a relaxing and enjoyable rainy day weekend too.


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