Weekend at the Q’s

Over the weekend a very exciting moment happened to Gavin. The Lego Batman Movie came out! Gavin has been waiting for this moment since he saw the first trailer on YouTube, which is also where Gavin learns all of his bad words and inappropriate sayings. It’s weird to think about all the information YouTube and the internet can expose the younger generation too. Because   now Gavin wants to curse at me while kicking me in my ‘nuts’. Thanks YouTube!


img_1896Gavin outside the movie theatre in front of a poster for the new Power Rangers movie, he is probably going to see this movie too.


Anyways, Gavin saw the Lego Batman Movie at his aunt and uncle’s house. Joe and Monica
Quintana (Monica pictured with gavin below) are the best family members. They are so supportive of me and love Gavin so much that they come up almost every weekend even though they live all the way out in Oxnard by the Collection. Gimg_1911avin always looks forward to sleeping over at Monica and Joe’s house because he has no limits there. He is spoiled there by being able to play as many video games as he wants, play with his toys as long as he wants, stay up as late as he wants, and eat as much as he
wants. Although he doesn’t over feed himself as much as he used to since one time my auntie was joking and said, “Gavin if you eat any more food your stomach is going to explode!” Gavin was too young to understand that she was joking but he is permanently scared and never, ever eats too much food…. poor Gav. If his stomach hurts too much he will blame it on his stomach and say bad words towards his stomach, it is super funny watching him yell at his stomach in the middle of a restaurant. Then he will curl up in a ball on his chair with his butt sticking out. From here either his chair will tip over and he will fall, which is super funny for me and my sister, or my sister and I will have to pull him out of the ball he is in which I bet is funny to the people at the restaurant.

Overall, the Lego Batman Movie Gavin thought was a success. “It was so cool! I wish I could have all the Lego’s that were in the movie.” Even though he already has half of the Lego sets used in the movie. After the movie Gavin saw a Lego Batman t-shirt that he had to have. He will probably now wear the shirt 3 days in a row as he does with all new t-shirts. Gavin loved his weekend with the Q’s and remembered that the best/most memorable moments are spent with your family.


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