Meet the Man Himself

Gavin Murphy. He is 10 years old, a 4th grader at Montecito Union School, and my little brother. Gavin has mild autism, but he is so cool you wouldn’t even notice. Although, autism makes school challenging for Gavin sometimes. Normally he doesn’t want to do his classwork or homework. img_1886I don’t blame him, all you want to do at 10 years old is play with toys and video games. But if Gavin doesn’t do his work he gets no “fun time” as his helper Mr. Gomez calls it. Gavin struggles with the same things we do, if we don’t do our work we won’t be able to have any “fun time”, and who doesn’t like fun time? Through this blog my plan is to write about my brother’s life. I’ve surprisingly learned things about life from a 10-year-old and I hope you can too. Gavin does things that can teach us how to work through life and what not to do during life. Gavin has so many funny stories that happen to him everyday and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. So let me tell you about last week.


As you most likely know the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl on Sunday. I watched the whole game from blowout to probably the most exciting Super Bowl in history, but Gavin started watching late because he was to busy filming himself playing with his Lego Nexo Night Toys while in his Lego Nexo Night pajamas (wearing in picture below).fullsizerender Gavin’s favorite football team is the Green Bay Packers, which you need to know. The only reason why he likes the team is because their logo is a big “G”, like Gavin. Anyways, Gavin was furious when he realized that his team was not playing for the championship because Gavin does not accept anything but W’s. There were a few punches and kicks thrown, but kids always run out of energy. Once Gavin was tired of throwing his Packer tantrum he was able to enjoy the game and root for his dads team, the New England Patriots. Gavin celebrated the Patriot win and, without even knowing it, learned how to overcome things when they are not going your way which we can all work on.

I put together a list of Gavin’s favorites so you can get to know him better.

Gavin’s Favorite: 
Movie- The Lego Movie

Toy- Stick Bot

Animal- Every animal

Star Wars Character- Mace Windu

Video Game- Mine Craft

Color- Blue

Activity- Swimming and playing in the ocean or pool

Subject in school- Recessimg_1882


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